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I Have been a nursing for 20 years: and the last 5, as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Prescriber RGN SCPHN MSc. 

I continue to work in Primary Care as well as privately in aesthetics.

I have always loved art and been captivated by beautiful lines and shapes; so when I found I could mix my passion and my skills together how could I resist?!


Using HA dermal fillers, I work to provide you beautiful natural results in keeping with natures law of beauty - the golden ratio. No matter what aesthetics treatment I use, I individually assess my clients' face rather than using a one size fits all approach - this is where magic happens. I work to the highest standard putting patient care and safety first with out compromising outstanding results.


My other passion helping people become the very best version of themselves as I learn to become the best version of me. I have spent years reading and researching different schools of thought from psychology to biology and spirituality to personal development and success theory.

Being a mother of two children, a wife to a paratrooper, a nurse and a business owner I feel life has blessed me with many experiences from which I have grown and learned about my own strengths and the mind blowing resilience and fragility of others. Such challenges a can take their toll and often we finally feel comfortable with who we are, the reflection in the mirror can start to look like a stranger. I aim to bridge that miscorrelation, and help you continue in strength and self esteem. 


My work is well known for being naturally and restorative. Though there are others who fancy a little more than that, and I Love to help them, however i will always advise clients when they are misjudging aesthetic boundaries. Ethical treatment is central to care.


My vision is for people to always leave feeling amazing and have a positive life changing experience, with or without treatment

6a Hightown Sandbach Cheshire CW11 1AB

07727 053097

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